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Keizo Watanabe

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Dogfight2H is a classic 2D STG, but notably features a space called "hyperbolic space" where the game goes on. Fly your fighter plane and shoot down enemies in the space negatively curved, defined by non-Euclidean geometry, and you will experience an extraordinary sensation.

Singleplayer Guide

Play it on tablets or phablets with 5-inch or larger screens. Your whole device is the gamepad with which you control your own fighter plane. Tilt the device forward/backward to accelerate/decelerate and left/right to turn. Touching the left/right side of the screen fires a machine gun/missile launcher.

Multiplayer Guide

1. Player A & B - Tap "Enable Bluetooth" button if it is present.
2. Player A - Tap "Server" button to make Player A's device discoverable.
3. Player B - Tap "Client" button and select the Player A's device.
4. Player A & B - Tap "Fight!" button to start a gameplay.

Another genre of non-Euclidean game seems to be available.

If you are interested in hyperbolic geometry further, please refer to the following contents.


Requires Android 4.0 or later.

What's New in Version 3.05

Improved synchronization in multiplayer.

Screenshot of Menu Screen Screenshot of Game Screen